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Kaiser Chiefs

RickyW’s bespoke album

This week has seen the release of local Leeds band the Kaiser Chiefs, new album ‘The Future is Medieval’. There has been an unusual buzz about the record, not because of the tracks displayed, but how they are displayed. In a novel approach from singer Ricky Wilson and the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, fans get the chance to make money once they’ve purchased it.

The band’s website has 20 new songs available to download, and users get to choose 10 of these to create their ‘own’ version. Once the version has been created it is maintained as a page on the site and then fans can advertise their bespoke design and make money from getting others to purchase it.

Not only does the campaign and release have huge social and potentially viral significance, but for all the established die hard fans, they have the opportunity to buy not one but two albums of brand new music. Making the Kaiser’s twice as much money in the process…

Obviously not every band out there has the funds to use someone of the calibre of Wieden + Kennedy, but it’s exactly the kind of example that musicians should use in order to promote themselves and stand out. Go to the Kaiser Chiefs site to design your album.

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